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Agitator and Mixer

Modern mixing technology optimizes production and contributes to resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The purpose of a mixer is to rapidly blend two or more components which may be liquid or solid or and are often difficult to combine. It works by rotating the impeller at its immersed end at a controlled speed or revolutions per minute (rpm). The work exerted by the impeller induces the flow and shear of the media inside the tank, which causes a single or multi-component media to homogenize, while the flow of the media is kept at a uniform rate and pattern. In short, agitators and mixers are used for mixing and upkeep equilibrium in different process media, be it liquids, gases or solids in chemical addition or pharmaceutical ingredients. Resultant mixtures may be dilutions, pastes, creams, emulsions or suspensions. The agitators and mixers impart energy through mechanical mean by rotating a shaft on which there is an impeller designed specifically for the duty. The shaft is connected to the drive unit (motor and gearbox) and where the impellers used for the mixing are welded or bolted onto.


In regards, agitators and mixers are widely used in many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotechnology, paint, and water treatment industries. The applications range from the chemical and mineral processing, through to the production of various foods and beverages. Given the wide variety of applications and processes that agitators and mixers can be used for, we have divided them into different series of which Top Mounted, Side Entry and Static Mixer, depending on the duty and scale of the application to be mixed. NTK Industrial features an absolute brand of N-Spindle for a wide range of agitators and mixers built with robust and practical design for long lasting performance at competitive pricing. We focus on the specific process considerations or your application, the mechanical integrity of the mixing components and the drive system integrity to ensure the best solution.


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